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Welcome to native_health aka “The Healing Lodge”

This community because of its content of personal and traditional health discussions is for indigenous peoples only. We also ask that all posts made by members be “Friends only”

If you are not indigenous and you have questions about Indians or want to trace your heritage, you will be better served here at nativeamerican.

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Our intention is to provide a safe place for indigenous peoples to discuss a very important issue plaguing our nations, our health. We will look at and discuss both Western and Holistic Traditional approaches to healing physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Additionally, we thought this would be important community to have to support one another in the health issues that affect our families, friends, and communities.

Please, introduce yourselves and share a little bit about what brought you here. Miigwetch! All my relations!

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Indian Health Services:http://www.ihs.gov/
National Indian Health Board: http://www.nihb.org/
Indian Health Council, inc:http://www.indianhealth.com/
American Diabetes Association, Native Americans and Diabetes: http://www.diabetes.org/communityprograms-and-localevents/nativeamericans.jsp
Suicide and Mental Health Association, Aboriginal and Native Suicide:http://suicideandmentalhealthassociationinternational.org/libsuiNAA.html

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Special Thanks for making this place possible:

*emurii at the blackstones community for the lovely Ai Yazawa mood theme.
* honeyviper for believing in this community and its purpose. Also for doing a wonderful job with the layout,icons, helping me Co-Mod, being such a good friend and consistent inspiration to many!!